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I treat my tutoring as a business and to allow all my students to receive the best instruction they can, I have come up with some statements which I share with parents.  This is not a contract, but instead statements which all my parents agree to so tutoring flows well for everyone. :)


1. When to Pay. Payment for each tutoring session is due at the time of the session, although weekly, bimonthly and monthly payments can be made ahead of time. If a child has to cancel, the pre-paid money will roll over for the next session.

2.  Form of Payments. Payments can be made through electronic payment check, traditional check or cash. If a check is returned for NSF, I will ask that you pay the fee my bank assessed me for the return. I will provide documentation of the fee.


Tutoring Agreement

Cancellations / Scheduling:

3. Cancellations. I understand that sometimes a child comes home sick from school and cannot make it to tutoring. It is not a problem to cancel a tutoring session as long as it is done in enough time for me to schedule another student. I almost always have a daily waiting list of students who are looking for cancellations (usually there is an unexpected quiz, etc.) To give other students enough notice, I ask that any cancellation for the day of tutoring take place no closer than half an hour before your scheduled time. Any session which is not cancelled with at least half an hour's notice will have the tutoring fee charged. It is simply not fair to students who are waiting for a spot.

4. No Shows. I know that things do happen and sometimes students forget about their tutoring time. If your child is a no show (no call, no show), you will be expected to pay for the session they missed. Note: After the second no-show, your child will be removed from my tutoring schedule. They may choose to go back on the waiting list or wait for cancellations on the days they would like to come. If a child is removed for no shows, they may be put back on the schedule the following school year.

5.  Early Arrivals. If you (or your child) finds yourself arriving early for your tutoring time, in order to not disturb the person in front of you, please enter quietly and take a seat at the small round table and wait for your time.

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