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I generally tutor Monday - Thursday. I start at 5:00pm during the work week and work until 10pm. Yes, that does make for some long days which is why I do not schedule tutoring on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I do sometimes see students who may have Monday tests (and a Monday tutoring slot) so they will feel better prepared. Those are on a as-needed basis. 

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Will you come to my house to tutor my child?

I set and maintain a weekly schedule, so students are guaranteed the time they need each week. This philosophy of having tutoring whether or not there is an eminent test or project, helps me stay abreast of what students are doing, monitoring their work and providing support before a crisis manifests.

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How does your scheduling work?

In addition to science, math and Spanish, students can always bring whatever projects or work they have to tutoring.  I also have some students who split their time between content and test prep. Since the scheduled time is your child's we will always work on what is their priorities and needs.

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What can I get help with?

Do I have to sign a contract?

You will not need to sign a contract, although I do have a list of items which I ask you to look at and agree to when you bring your child the first time. The statements outline the cancellation policy (in case your child is ill and needs to cancel), payment policy and scheduling information. I have  placed the statements on this website (so you won't think I am trying to tie you into something!). It is located here.

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» Truthfully, tutoring sessions can only be as successful as your child makes them.
» You will usually see improvement in students' grades and attitudes. I work very hard on increasing their self-esteem in academics. Usually, by the time they have reached this point and need tutoring, they think that they just cannot do it. It takes serious work to get past that barrier, private tutoring is one way to do that.
» I guarantee that I will do everything during that session to make your child feel successful and have a fun time learning their subject areas.
» All of my students smile and laugh as we discuss ideas and tough concepts.
» Laughter is an important part of learning, so I guarantee your child will have fun at these sessions as well.

What are your guarantees?

»Different factors affect the fees including the number of sessions a week, the type of sessions (test prep versus homework help), and the amount of prep time required for the session.
»Session prices begin at $70 per hour. 
»  Fees need to be paid weekly by check or cash on the day of the first session for the week. If you were to have your child coming on Tuesday and Thursday, for one hour each day, you would need to pay your fee on Tuesday. Advance bimonthly or monthly payments can also be arranged.


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What are your fees? How can I pay?

No.  I tutor in my home rather than yours. I have all my resources here; if we need to look something up quickly, I have all the books I may need to accomplish the lesson. By having students come to my home, I am to create a schedule which can accommodate everyone without worrying about my travel and traffic impacting students' times. I have also found that students (especially middle schoolers) take tutoring more seriously when in a different environment.

Note: I will travel to businesses and groups (including homeschool groups) for instruction during daytime hours. 

What days do you tutor?

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