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Confidence in your own ability  is the first step in achievement!

Often by the time children (especially middle school and higher schoolers) have decided that they may indeed need help in a subject or two, their confidence is at an all-time low. After all, they may have tried everything they know to do (asked friends, asked teachers, even asked parents - gasp!) and are still not being successful. Regaining confidence in their abilities is often the first step in getting their achievement (and grades) back up to where it should be. After all, if they do not think they can do it - it will be an uphill battle the entire way! As Henry Ford said, "Whether you can't or you can, you are usually correct."

Students Often

Require Different

Approaches to Learning

Interestingly, the most common learning style of children up until around 8th grade is tactile; they want to touch and play with everything! The most commonly implemented learning style of teachers is visual/written (drawing and writing). This means that although students learn and remember best at earlier ages through touching, instruction tends to not match their needs. Some students are better at adapting to this disconnect than others. Tutoring is that opportunity for a child to really understand content at a greater depth by having it presented in a meaningful way which matches their learning style.


Customized Learning 


Top College


Exam Prep

"Reexplaining the concept the same way as the teacher, yields the same results." I have said this many times to many parents. Of course I support the teacher and the content they provide, but I believe in customizing the way information is provided during our tutoing sessions. Some students need to get mentally organized before we begin. Some need to discuss how their day progressed upon arrival. No matter their specific needs, I believe each child needs something a little different during their sessions and strive to address those needs!

The tests and exams your children experience in high school do not always prepare them for the rigor and expectations of the college entrance exams. Even the best of students may need time to prepare for these tests. Sometimes they may need help pacing themselves so they can finish each section. Others may need testing strategies to help them better understand what test writers asking. Some may need to reengage with math content they have not encountered in a few years. No matter the issue, I am happy to help your child prepare for their college prep exam! 

   My son told me I really found him a good tutor, and that was after only the first session! Thank you so much!

— Mother of 6th grade boy





— Pam, mother of a Cy-Falls student

   I can't thank you enough for all the work you have done with my daughter. I know she would not be going off to Baylor with the writing skills and confidence she has now if she hadn't started with you freshman year. You have made a lifelong impact on her.

— 11th grade boy, struggling with Algebra II



  Ok, so why can't my math teacher make it this easy? It is always so much easier to understand when you explain it.

— Text from  HSPA student after working the night before to get her a little ahead to build her confidence..



  I totally understood what the teacher was teaching today, I even taught four other people in my chem group how to do the redox reactions we went over.  I really love being ahead! Thanks!


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